A Pattern of Roses

Release Date: 29th December 1983 (UK)
Director: Lawrence Gordon Clark
Writer: K.M. Peyton (novel) & Joy Whitby (screenplay)
Producer: Tim Van Rellim & Joy Whitby

Runtime: 1hr 5mins
Language: English


Based on the novel by K.M. Peyton, A Pattern of Roses tells the story of a young man recovering from glandular fever who begins to experience ghostly visions. With the help of Vicar’s daughter, Rebecca he sets out to uncover the secrets of a young lad who died in 1910.


Suzanna Hamilton…as Rebecca
Stuart MacKenzie…as Tim Ingram 
Joe Ritchie…as Holy Moses
Vivian Pickles…as Mrs. Ingram
Kathryn Pogson…as May
Norman Rodway…as Mr. Ingram
Helena Bonham Carter…as Netty Bellinger
Jo Searby… as Tom Inkip

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