La Maschera

Release Date: May 1988 (Cannes)
Director: Fiorella Infascelli
Writer: Adriano Aprà, Ennio De Concini, Fiorella Infascelli & Enzo Ungari
Producer: Ettore Rosboch & Lilia Smecchia
Executive Producer: Unknown

Runtime: 1hr 30 mins
Language: Italian


A debauched nobleman offers himself to a beautiful woman, but she is repelled by his advances. He dons a mask and tries again, and this time is more successful. But the mask cannot conceal the evil in his soul.


Helena Bonham Carter…as Iris
Michael Maloney…as Leonardo
Feodor Chaliapin, Jr.…as Leonardo’s father
Roberto Herlitzka…as Elia
Alberto Cracco…as Viola
Michele De Marchi…as Theatre Company Manager
Valentina Lainati…as Maria
Saskia Colombaioni…as Saskia
Arnaldo Colombaioni…as Nani
Valerio Colombaioni…as Ercolino
Walter Colombaioni…as Acrobata
Maria Tedeschi…as Talia
Massimo Fedele…as Don Gaetano

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