Getting it Right

Release Date: 5th May 1989
Director: Randal Kleiser
Writer: Elizabeth Jane Howard & Rusty Lemorande
Producer: Randal Kleiser & Jonathan D. Krane
Executive Producer: Rusty Lemorande

Runtime: 1hr 42mins
Language: English


The film concerns the late coming of age of protagonist Gavin Lamb, a painfully shy 31-year-old virgin still living at home with his parents and who works as a hairdresser in a West End salon. The socially awkward Gavin forges sudden romantic connections with three very different women: a sultry millionairess, an idiosyncratic recluse, and a single mother who is a junior hairdresser at his salon.


Jesse Birdsall…as Gavin Lamb
Jane Horrocks…Jenny
Helena Bonham Carter…as Lady Minerva Munday
Lynn Redgrave…as Joan
Pat Heywood…as Mrs. Lamb
Bryan Pringle…as Mr. Lamb

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