Conversations with Other Women

Release Date: 11th August 2006
Director: Hans Canosa
Writer: Gabrielle Zevin
Producer: Ram Bergman, Bill McCutchen & Kerry Barden
Executive Producer: Kwesi Collisson, Mark R. Harris & Kjehl Rasmussen

Runtime: 1hr 24mins
Language: English


At a wedding reception, a man in his late thirties approaches a bridesmaid of about the same age, and offers her a glass of champagne. As conversation ensues, they begin to flirt. Witty small talk about such topics as the wedding party and their own past relationships gradually reveals that they are not strangers, but in fact share an intimate past. A series of flashback scenes showing much younger versions of the two of them together confirms that they have been lovers.

Despite having significant others (22-year-old Sarah the dancer and Geoffrey the cardiologist, both absent) the couple choose to go upstairs to her hotel room together. However, their decision to sleep together is one which is clearly complex and fraught with emotional baggage for each of them. Again with flashbacks, a series of vignettes juxtaposes their earlier selves against the older, perhaps wiser couple in the hotel room as the two reminisce and reassess their feelings for each other.

She must catch a transatlantic flight home to London in the morning, so the two leave the hotel together in the early morning. As they return to their separate lives, each speculates with their cab driver on the future and the difficulty of being happy.


Aaron Eckhart…as Man
Helena Bonham Carter…as Woman

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2005: Tokyo International Film Festival Award for Best Actress
2007: Evening Standard British Film Award for Best Actress


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