Keep the Aspidistra Flying

Release Date: 21st November 1997
Director: Robert Bierman
Writer: Alan Plater
Producer: Peter Shaw
Executive Producer: Robert Bierman & John Wolstenholme

Runtime: 1hr 41mins
Language: English


Gordon Comstock, is a successful copywriter at a flourishing advertising firm in 1930s London. His girlfriend and co-worker, Rosemary, fears he may never settle down with her when he suddenly disavows his money-based lifestyle and quits his job for the artistic satisfaction of writing poetry.


Richard E. Grant…as Gordon Comstock
Helena Bonham Carter…as Rosemary
Julian Wadham…as Ravelston
Jim Carter…as Erskine
Harriet Walter…as Julia Comstock
Lesley Vickerage…as Hermione
Barbara Leigh-Hunt…as Mrs. Wisbeach
Liz Smith…as Mrs. Meakin
John Clegg…as McKechnie

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