Release Date: 1994
Written By: Alan Cumming
Directed By: Alan Cumming
Producer: Dixie Linder

Runtime: 14 minutes
Language: English

 The film premiered at the Edinburgh Festival in 1994, and later aired on Channel 4.


Butter is a short film written and directed by Alan Cumming, starring his ex-wie Hilary Lyon as Jane, a woman with eating problems. She prepares a meal for an unknown date, who proceeds to cancel on her, causing her to spiral into despair.


 Hilary Lyon…as Jane
Jane Horrocks…as Beggar
Richard Wilson…as Steven Williams
Susan Wooldridge…as Susie
Andy de la Tour…as Andy
Richard E. Grant…as Gerrard
Helena Bonham Carter…as Dorothy
Alan Cumming…as Ronnie




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