A Great Wind Cometh

Role: Hannah Senesh
Approximate Date: 1988
Writers: Unknown
Director: Unknown
Language: English


Based on the biographical novel by Yoel Palgi, the film would tell the true story of Hanna Szenes, a Hungarian-Jew who was trained by the British Army to parachute into Yugoslavia during World War II to aid efforts to save the Jews of Hungary, who faced imminent death at Auschwitz. She was captured, tortured and finally executed by firing squad for refusing to disclose details of her mission.

Helena was set to play the lead role of Hannah, and so keen had she been to play the heroine, she posed for publicity photos before filming had even begun. She caused a stir when she dropped out after the original director was removed from the project.

Although I am not certain, I believe that the film Hanna’s War is the alternative version of the film, with Maruschka Detmers playing the lead role of Hanna. If this is indeed the same project, that would make the original director Peter Weir, although conflicting sources state it to be Peter Medak.


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