The Love Book

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Allie Esiri‘s The Love Book is a compilation of poems, quotes, letters and short stories read by Helena Bonham Carter, Damien Lewis, Helen McCrory, Gina Bellman, Tom Hiddleston and Emma Watson. The app is available for most Apple and Android devices.

An illustrated hardback version was published 6th February 2014 and is available to buy from all good book stores. You can purchase a copy of the book online via

This book is full of medicine for the soul. Buy it , read and your heart will be glad.Helena Bonham Carter



From William Shakespeare to Richard Curtis, Alfred Lord Tennyson to Bob Dylan, here is love in all its many glorious and unpredictable forms. Whether passionate or platonic, parental or full of pain, tragic or funny, thwarted or blossoming, The Love Book is for all those who have ever experienced love for another human being.


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