We all know that Helena has a beautiful voice, so is it any wonder that it is featured in so many adverts on television? Below is a list of adverts that we know of that Helena has had either lent her voice to or appeared in.

 more coming soon.

Autumn 2009 – Talk Talk (Sponsors The X Factor) – “Brightening Your X Factor
If you are a fan of The X Factor in the United Kingdom, you may have noticed that Helena is the voice of the TalkTalk adverts sponsoring the show. There are several different versions, but here’s a few:
Another Bright Idea – TalkTalk, sponsors the X Factor
Love Gossiping about the show? TalkTalk, sponsors the X Factor
Britain’s brightest phone and broadband – TalkTalk, sponsors the X Factor

TalkTalk phone and broadband – brightening your X Factor: One

Autumn 2009 – Talk Talk – “Brighter Phone and Broadband”
Helena is the voice of TalkTalk’s 2009 adverts, and does the full advert in addition to the sponsorship ads.
 Join TalkTalk – Britain’s brighter phone and broadband company




Summer 2009 – – “Enjoy Every Minute”
There was one longer advert shown, followed by a shorter one usually after one other advert. In the advert, Helena says: “However long you’ve got, there are thousands of great ways to enjoy every minute of England, at” Enjoy Every Minute
 The campaign sets out to make people view their time differently and see any spare time as an opportunity to take a trip in England. can help you can use that time to make the most of what England has to offer. The TV commercial comprises a series of stunning aerial photographs of England by Richard Cooke and the voice of Helena Bonham Carter, illustrating the different ways people can spend their time enjoying every minute in England.

Spring 2009 – Ronald McDonald House Charity
View the advert here (available on YouTube soon)






2008 – MTV Against Verbal Domestic Violence
Helena provides the voice over for this hard-hitting advert about the damage verbal abuse can cause; she reads from Corinthians 13 : 4 – 8 “Love is patient, love is kind




Autumn/Winter 2007 – Oxfam Unwrapped 
It doesn’t have to be this way & version two
 As part of an Oxfam campaign Helena, along with other celebrities such as Will Young and Helen Mirren, got together to make a (rather amusing) television advert about unwanted gifts, with a serious message behind it.

 Behind the scenes – outtakes
 Promotional Photoshoot
 More Photos


1980’s  – Suntory Malts
 A very young Helena Bonham Carter in one of her earliest adverts –  for beer!
 Suntory Malts Advert





Unknown – Barclay’s – “Things Are Often Better When You Put Them Together”
Audio clip coming soon.

Unknown – RSPCA
Audio clip coming soon

Unknown – Eyecare
Audio clip coming soon


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