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‘Nervous Firth hid in toilet’

The actress stars alongside Colin in The King’s Speech, which tells the story of how Britain’s King George VI struggled to overcome a stammer.

Helena thinks speaking to masses of people is a nervous prospect for anyone and joked that at one point Colin hid in the toilet to escape his fear.

“Most actors get into a similar, terrified, state as anybody else. Maybe because we do it more often and we are paid to get through it and we have certain mechanisms to get through it. I mean he [Colin] locked himself in a toilet recently,” Helena said.

“For years,” Colin added. “He’s only recently come out,” Helena quipped.

Helena supported Colin throughout shooting the film as she knew the role was difficult.

However, she joked the 50-year-old actor didn’t appreciate her hard work enough.

“He doesn’t recognise it but I’ve been so supportive of him right from the start. It’s been very tiring,” she laughed on the BBC Breakfast Show.


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