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Best of 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, we thought we would take a look back over the year and share with you our favourite Helena…isms! Feel free to share your own fond memories of 2012 with us either in the comments or the chat board!

We would also like to wish all our fellow Helena-fans a very Happy New Year – and Helena & family, of course! All the best for 2013 xxx

Favourite interview this year
I have chosen Helena’s interview for Harper’s Bazaar magazine because not only were we treated to two fairytale-esque portraits, we also got a behind-the-scenes video and a wonderful, insightful interview. I also think Stella magazine deserves a mention for the sexy yet elegant shots by Gustavo Papaleo (I’m not very good at this choose-one-winner lark, shhh!)

Favourite photoshoot of 2012
This was a tough call because, as you all know, Helena has had some absolutely amazing photoshoots this year! I the end, I went for the Dark Shadows shoot for Style magazine, photographed by Jason Bell and styled by Laura Blane. This shoot was the perfect mix of quirky and fun with sexy and classic, and you’ve gotta love the bunny ears!

Favourite old photoshoot added in 2012
Another toughie as I find myself torn between the beautiful hotel shots by Jillian Edelstein, and the the striking photographs by Stephanie Rushton. Can I have both? I like how candid the hotel shots are, but I also like how different Helena looks in the barely-recognisable Rushton portraits.

Favourite movie of 2012
I am ashamed to say that I haven’t seen Great Expectations yet and I imagine that will probably be my favourite when I eventually get round to seeing it, but at the moment my favourite has been Dark Shadows. Helena may not have had a large role, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie as a whole.

Most anticipated movie of 2013
As Les Misérables hasn’t actually been released in the UK yet, I would have to say that one! I can’t wait to hear Helena sing again, and she has been receiving rave reviews for her comedic role. I must say, I am also intrigued about The Young and Prodigious Spivet as we have heard so very little about it (although some new behind-the-scenes photos have surfaced on Tumblr today!)

Favourite movie still
Basically, any still from Great Expectations – Helena looks absolutely breathtaking! Every photo looks like a shot from a Vogue fashion shoot or something, the dress is just incredible! Personally, I think Helena was born for this role!

Best news this year
Well of course it has to be Helena’s CBE (that’s Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, fyi) from Her Majesty the Queen! While I have to say that I am a little disappointed that Helena did not collect her honour wearing the Union flag, I loved the tartan Vivienne Westwood ensemble she wore. DBE next please, Ma’am.

Favourite non-premiere outfit of 2012
Helena attended a variety of events this year, making it much easier for me to choose my favourite outfits by assigning them categories (psst, see how I put another sneaky favourite in above!) For best non-premiere outfit, I chose another gorgeous Vivienne Westwood gown (whether it is a third colour of the design or the previously seen blue version is still debated!), worn to the BFI London Film Festival, at which both Helena and partner, Tim Burton picked up fellowship awards for outstanding contribution to film culture. Helena said: “I am somewhat bewildered and not sure that I am deserving of such an honour as a Fellowship from the BFI, but shall accept it with deep gratitude”.

Favourite premiere outfit of 2012
I love anything Vivienne Westwood and I particularly love this striped ruffle dress, last seen in 2006, that Helena wore to the premiere of Dark Shadows. This is quite possibly my favourite hairstyle of the year, too.

Best surprise!
Helena’s appearance in the Prada short, A Therapy. It is always nice to wake up to a little film you never even knew she had been filming!

Happy New Year, everyone! x


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