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A notice about candids

You may have noticed that the frequency of candid-photo additions has decreased in recent months – the reason for this is that myself and Jamie have been thinking about stopping candid photos on this site. After a lot of careful consideration, we have come to the decision that we will no longer be adding paparazzi photos of Helena going about her daily life. We have never been entirely comfortable with this invasion of her privacy (and that of her family) and now that her children are that bit older, we do not think it would be appropriate to continue. We have also decided to remove all of the candids from the gallery, which we will be doing this week.

We hope that you will be understand why we have come to this conclusion 🙂 But don’t worry, we will continue to cover public appearances, photoshoots etc. Edit: where appropriate, some candids may be moved to the public appearances section – for example, signing autographs at events.


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