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85th Academy Awards – Tonight!

Well, tonight is the night! Helena will be attending the 85th Academy Awards tonight with partner Tim Burton (who is nominated for Best Animated Feature Film for Frankenweenie). Les Misérables is up for an amazing eight Oscars, but the excitement doesn’t end there because Helena is actually performing in the ceremony.

Sadly, I have a full day of lectures tomorrow so I can’t stay up to cover the Oscars, but I will add photos etc as soon as I get in tomorrow evening. You can watch the Oscars livestreams here, here and here. If you know of any more, please post them in the chatbox.

You can also watch it live on ABC for American visitors and on Sky (Living, Oscars, Movies and later Sky News) for British visitors from 11:30pm – both can be watched either online or on your televison. Again, if you have any information as to when and where the Oscars is being broadcast in your country, post on the chat box. Enjoy!


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