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2011 Best Oscar Purse

As for bags and accessories, Helena’s fan-shaped purse has been selected as the 2011 Best Oscar Purse, by staffs from and other online companies.

The world witnessed a grant Academy Award on the night of Feb. 27th, 2011. Best Actor Colin Firth for The King’s Speech and Best Actress Natalie Portman for Black Swan were the big winners for 2011 Oscar. But after the Award, fashion elites from all walks of life are racing on the post-Oscar awards for the celebrities’ fashion looks.

For people whose focus is fashion handbags and accessories, they pay great attention to the ladies purses. Fashion news writers with have done a small investigation about the purses worn by the ladies on Oscar night. The statistics showed that people were very interested in Helena’s fan-shaped purse. Even leather handbags designers of think it should be the best purse for the night.

“I think people are looking for some fresh elements after seeing so many celebrities wear the long-size square cluthes.” Said Leo, handbag designer from Australia. “It is not that the fan-shaped purse surpasses designs of all other cluthes, but that it is special enough with fresh visual effect.”

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